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GE 101: Natural Environments: The Atmosphere (Spring 2007)

This is bare-bones web site for this class. Its purpose is to facilitate downloading of documents critical to the class. If you are enrolled in this course, you should use the class web site on http://courseinfo.bu.edu/courses/07sprgcasge101_a1/

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    The syllabus, course descriptions, and handouts created by Professor Myneni and the Teaching Fellows, and all class lectures and lab materials, are copyrighted by Boston University and Professor Myneni. Except with respect to enrolled students as set forth below, the materials and lectures may not be reproduced in any form or otherwise copied, displayed or distributed, nor should works derived from them be reproduced, copied, displayed or distributed without the written permission of Professor Myneni. Infringement of the copyright in these materials, including any sale or commercial use of notes, summaries, outlines or other reproductions of lectures, constitutes a violation of the copyright laws and is prohibited. Students enrolled in the course are allowed to share with other enrolled students course materials, notes, and other writings based on the course materials and lectures, but may not do so on a commercial basis or otherwise for payment of any kind. Please note in particular that selling or buying class notes, lecture notes or summaries, or similar materials both violates copyright and interferes with the academic mission of the College, and is therefore prohibited in this class and will be considered a violation of the student code of responsibility that is subject to academic sanctions.

  • Climate and Vegetation Research Group
    Dept. of Geography,Boston University. Jan-09-2007