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Press Releases

Risk of Amazon rainforest dieback is higher than IPCC projects (Oct-21-2013)
Widespread Damage to Amazon Forests from the 2010 Drought (Mar-29-2011)
The 2005 Drought in the Amazon (Mar-11-2010)
The Amazon's Seasonal Secrets (Mar-12-2007)

Greening Earth Press Releases

Temperature and Vegetation Seasonality Diminishment over Northern Lands (Mar-10-2013)
Refuting Alarmist Claims About Drought-Induced Declines in Terrestrial NPP (Aug-25-2011)
Global Garden Grows Greener (Jun-06-2003)
Warming Climate, Greening Earth, Carbon Sink (May-30-2002)
Biomass Carbon Stocks, Sources and Sinks (Dec-18-2001)
Earth is Becoming a Greener Greenhouse (Sep-04-2001)
Plant Growth in Northern Latitudes Increased by Ten Percent During 1980s (Apr-17-1997)

The "Greening Earth" works authored by Myneni and Colleagues were inspired by an article by Prof. Charles D. Keeling who discovered "The Greening North."

Complete List of Our Articles

Climate and Vegetation Research Group
Dept. of Geography,Boston University. Oct-21-2013