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The Northern Lands (Arctic+Boreal)

The Arctic and Boreal vegetated lands (non-cultivated) together represent the Northern Lands investigated in our study (26.02 million km2). High resolution version of the figure above.
The Arctic (8.16 million km2) may be considered as the treeless area north of 65oN. It also includes the tundra south of 65oN in North America.

High resolution figure
Tables of vegetation classes
Images of Arctic vegetation - Google Site
The Boreal region (17.86 million km2) is the vegetated area between 45oN and 65oN (excluding crops, tundra, broadleaf forests and grasslands south of the mixed forests) but including needleleaf forests north of 65oN.

High resolution figure
Table of vegetation classes
Images of Boreal vegetation - Google Site
Movie about the Boreal forests - The Living Planet

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