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Evidence for Diminishment of Vegetation Seasonality
(Increased Plant Growth or Greening)

Vegetation seasonality is the opposite of plant growth in the North. So, diminishment of vegetation seasonality means increase in plant growth. That is, the North is getting greener - photographic evidence below.

Finnmark in Norway (Courtesy of Dr. Hans Tommervik of NINA, Norway)
Increasing Abundance of Shrubs

Advancing Treeline in to Tundra
Near Altai Mountains in Russia (Courtesy of Prof. Sergey Kirpotin, Tomsk State University, Images provided by Prof. Terry Callaghan - EU-Interact)
Thawing Permafrost & Tree Establisment

Receding Glacier and Tree Establishment
Northernmost foothills of the Polar Ural Mountains on the Southern Yamal Peninsula in West Siberia, Russia (Courtesy of Prof. Bruce Forbes of The Arctic Centre, University of Lapland, Finland)
Increasing Abundance of Shrubs

Vigorous Growth of Shrubs
Abisko, sub-arctic Sweden (Courtesy of Prof. Terry Callaghan - EU-Interact)
Abisko in sub-Arctic Sweden in 1977 and 2009
Climate and Vegetation Research Group
Dept. of Geography,Boston University. XXX-XX-2013